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The temperatures here in Germany dropped dramatically and winter is right around the corner. In my opinion the best way to warm up and make your immune system stronger is a nice warming, creamy soup (of course vegan 🌱).

This one is actually my mom's recipe and she made it very often in winter when I was younger, so when I'm eating it, there are a bunch of childhood memories coming up.

Maybe you are not sure about the combination of pumpkin and coconut but trust me, it's like peanut butter and banana in savory form.

I'm pretty sure that you can serve it perfectly as an appetizer for the Christmas dinner and also the "non-vegans" won't miss the meat or dairy.

To bring the soup to the next level, I topped with fresh parsley and pomegranate seeds, which gives the a kinda fruity contrast.

I would that I've talked enough about this phenomenal soup and let's jump right into the recipe!


- 1 Hokkaido pumpkin

- 5 Potatoes

-3 Carrots

-1 Big onion

-2 Cloves garlic

-A thumb of ginger (or 1 TSP ginger powder)

-1 Liter veggie broth

-1 TBSP Curry

-1 TBSP Paprika

-1 TBSP Cumin

- A big pinch salt&peppper

-1/4 TSP Nutmeg

-1/2 cup Coconut milk

-A handful fresh parsley

First, fry the onion with the garlic, ginger and curry powder in a bit of oil for approximately 5 minutes. Then add all the veggies and keep roasting it for another 4-5 minutes.

Fill it up with the water, add all the spices and let the soup simmer for 20 minutes (until everything is cooked).

After that step put in the coconut milk (I always use full fat for a better taste), the fresh parsley and puree the soup either in a high speed or a hand blender.

Bring it one more time to boil and serve in a nice bowl with more fresh parsley, vegan cream and pomegranate seeds. Voilà!

If you try my recipes you can post them with #fitgreenrecipes on Instagram.💚

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