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This recipe is to all the people who think tofu is gross!😜 Because if you use the right spices and the right techniques to prepare it, tofu can taste amazing.

I've been working on this recipe for a pretty long time, I was experimenting with different spices and stuff to get the "eggiest" scrambled tofu recipe in the whole world (I might be exaggerating every now and then😉).

But honestly, its taste is pretty close to the taste of a real scrambled egg and even my family likes it and they usually eat chicken eggs!

I personally don't really like it when I have to swipe for ages until I come to the actual recipe on websites, so here you go💁🏼

SCRAMBLED TOFU (2 persons):

-200g firm tofu

-1 onion

-1 clove garlic

-1 bell pepper

-a splash of soy milk

-turmeric, kala namak (or normal salt), paprika, cumin, curry, oregano (it depends on your taste how much of each you wanna use, but warning: NOT TOO MUCH TURMERIC!😄)

-1 tbsp nutritional yeast

First heat up a non-stick pan with little bit water and add the chopped bell pepper, garlic and onion. Fry them for about 2 minutes and crumble then the tofu in the pan, after that give it a good stir. Then the most important step: the spices! Add them as well and also stir it afterwards. At the end add a splash of soy milk (for an "eggier" consistency and finish it up with 1 tbsp nutritional yeast. Stir it until the water is dissolved and serve it with toast and fresh parsley😋. Bon Appetit ☺️👌🏻.

If you try one of my recipes you can post them on Instagram with #fitgreenrecipes and don't forget to tag me that I can find it😊

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